For fans of underground electronic music, podcasts have become a gateway to explore new sounds, learn from seasoned experts, and immerse themselves in the world of their favorite genres. This comprehensive list highlights the best podcasts that cover various underground electronic music genres, offering something for everyone, from the techno enthusiast to the ambient aficionado.

Techno podcasts:

1. “CLR Podcast” hosted by Chris Liebing

What to Expect: A blend of fresh techno mixes, interviews, and insights into the global techno scene. Chris Liebing’s extensive experience ensures curated, high-quality content for avid listeners.

2. “Drumcode Radio Live” by Adam Beyer

What to Expect: Presented by renowned Swedish techno producer Adam Beyer, this podcast features exclusive live mixes from top artists, tracks from the Drumcode label, and more.

3. “The Techno Live Sets Podcast”

What to Expect: An array of live techno sets from festivals and clubs around the world, providing a true sense of the global techno pulse.

4. “HATE Podcast”

What to Expect: Dive deep into the darker side of techno with this podcast that often showcases emerging artists alongside established names.

5. “RA Podcast”

What to Expect: Resident Advisor offers mixes from the world’s top DJs. Though not strictly techno, it’s a must-listen for underground electronic enthusiasts.

6. “Invite’s Choice Podcast” by Invite

What to Expect: An exploration of techno’s various facets, showcasing new talents and seasoned veterans. Hosted by Dutch DJ, Invite.

7. “Amelie Lens’ Exhale Podcast”

What to Expect: Curated by the techno powerhouse, Amelie Lens, this podcast offers dark, hypnotic techno sets from various artists.

8. “MindTrip Podcast” hosted by Pfirter

What to Expect: Argentine techno DJ, Pfirter, presents this series that takes a trip through the mind with experimental and dark techno.

9. “Reclaim Your City”

What to Expect: Celebrating techno culture across the globe, this podcast features mixes from both established and emerging talents.

10. “The Bunker Podcast”

What to Expect: The Bunker New York’s series featuring live sets from events and studio mixes from a range of techno artists.

11. “Tresor.Cast”

What to Expect: The podcast of Berlin’s famed Tresor Club, offering techno mixes from the artists who’ve graced their decks.

12. “Slam Radio” by Slam

What to Expect: Scottish techno duo, Slam, brings the hottest in current techno with a variety of guest artists.

13. “Deep Space Helsinki”

What to Expect: Finnish DJs Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti offer a blend of deep, futuristic techno, representing the Helsinki scene.

14. “Monument Podcast”

What to Expect: Focusing on techno and ambient, this podcast showcases the underground talent, offering a fresh perspective.

15. “Techno Scene Podcast”

What to Expect: A platform for emerging and established techno DJs to present their sound and vision.

16. “Smoke Machine Podcast”

What to Expect: Taipei’s Smoke Machine explores the deeper, experimental side of techno, often showcasing artists from the Asian scene.

17. “Global Techno Podcast”

What to Expect: A collection of techno sets from around the world, presenting a global view of the current techno scene.

18. “Mord Records Podcast”

What to Expect: Hosted by the Mord Records label, expect raw and industrial techno sounds, mirroring the label’s unique style.

19. “Klockworks Official Podcast”

What to Expect: Curated by Ben Klock’s label, Klockworks, this podcast features mixes from various artists, reflecting the label’s minimalistic approach.

20. “Oscillate Podcast”

What to Expect: A series that oscillates between various techno styles, exploring everything from ambient techno to more driving sounds.

21. “Molotov Cocktail” by Irregular Synth

What to Expect: A mix of heavy-hitting techno tracks and interviews with influential artists, hosted by Irregular Synth.

22. “Voices From the Lake” by Donato Dozzy & Neel

What to Expect: Deep and experimental techno, diving into atmospheric sounds and complex rhythms.

23. “Katharsis Podcast”

What to Expect: Focusing on raw, industrial techno, this podcast reflects the intensity and creativity of the underground scene.

24. “SeekSickSound Podcast”

What to Expect: A French podcast showcasing various techno artists and styles, from deep minimalistic tones to energetic rhythms.

25. “Krill Music Podcast”

What to Expect: An Argentine label’s take on techno, offering insight into South America’s growing techno culture.

26. “ErrorSessions”

What to Expect: Explore the experimental side of techno with artists known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

27. “Ravage Podcast”

What to Expect: Netherlands-based podcast showcasing techno in all its forms, from ambient and experimental to harder variants.

28. “Techno Cave Podcast”

What to Expect: An exploration of modern techno, offering weekly episodes with guest DJs from around the world.

29. “Techno Mood Podcast”

What to Expect: A mix of deep, atmospheric, and energetic techno, featuring talented artists across the spectrum.

30. “Rebel Mix Podcast”

What to Expect: Merging techno with deep house, this podcast aims to showcase the diversity within underground electronic music.


The Techno genre is expansive and multifaceted, and these podcasts aptly mirror its breadth and depth. They provide an entry into the world of underground techno, showcasing emerging talents, and offering a platform for established names. Whether you are looking to explore the darker recesses of the genre, celebrate its global reach, or simply find the pulse of the current scene, these podcasts offer a rich, engaging, and diverse listening experience.

House & Deep House:

1. “Defected Radio Show”

What to Expect: A weekly deep dive into the world of house music, featuring classics, new releases, and tracks destined to be hits.

2. “Deep House Amsterdam”

What to Expect: Direct from the heart of the European house scene, this podcast provides mixes from international artists and the latest in deep house.

3. “House Music with Love Podcast”

What to Expect: A mix of various house sub-genres, expertly curated and presented, with periodic guest mixes.

4. “My House Is Your House”

What to Expect: A journey across house variations, from deep and sultry vibes to energetic progressive beats.

5. “Defected In The House”

What to Expect: Strictly House music, featuring guest mixes from renowned DJs, Defected Records exclusives, and house music news.

6. “Traxsource LIVE!”

What to Expect: Focused on the authentic house sound, offering new releases, exclusive interviews, and guest DJ sets.

7. “Funky House London”

What to Expect: A celebration of the funkier side of house, delivering feel-good beats and uplifting rhythms.

8. “The Deep House Podcast”

What to Expect: Diving into the deep side of house, featuring chill, melodic tracks perfect for relaxed listening.

9. “Soulful House Sessions”

What to Expect: A dedication to soulful house, combining vocals and instrumentals for a harmonious experience.

11. “BeachGrooves Radio – House Music Podcast”

What to Expect: A blend of Balearic beats and sunshine vibes, perfect for beach listening or whenever you need a summer house fix.

12. “House Classics Podcast”

What to Expect: A nostalgic journey through classic house tracks, featuring the hits that shaped the genre.

13. “Swishcraft Radio”

What to Expect: Offering exclusively vocal house tracks, with uplifting anthems and catchy choruses.

14. “Progressive House UK Podcast”

What to Expect: A focus on the progressive house sub-genre, with intricate builds and melodic flows.

15. “Jackin’ House Music”

What to Expect: Celebrating the jackin’ style of house, with energetic beats and infectious grooves.

16. “A Touch Of Deep – The Deep House Brunch Podcast”

What to Expect: Brunch and deep house vibes, offering smooth and sultry tracks for a laid-back listen.

17. “House Salad Music”

What to Expect: A mix of house flavors, focusing on the underground, independent house scene.

18. “Chicago House Music Podcast”

What to Expect: Paying tribute to the birthplace of house, this podcast explores the Chicago house sound, both classic and contemporary.

19. “Deep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast”

What to Expect: A blend of deep and sunset house tracks, perfect for winding down or setting a relaxed mood.

20. “Tropical House Radio”

What to Expect: Specializing in the tropical house sub-genre, this podcast provides summery vibes and beachy beats.

21. “House Music All Life Long”

What to Expect: Celebrating house music in all its forms, featuring guest DJs, live sets, and the latest house tracks.


These podcasts are dedicated solely to House music, celebrating its rich heritage and diverse sub-genres. Whether you’re a longtime House fan or new to the genre, these podcasts offer a comprehensive look into the multifaceted world of House music. They feature everything from soulful and deep house to funky and jackin’ house, covering the full spectrum of this influential and enduring musical genre.

Drum & Bass:

1. “Hospital Records Podcast”

What to Expect: London Elektricity presents fresh drum & bass tracks, with frequent guest artists from the Hospital Records roster.

2. “Critical Music Podcast”

What to Expect: Dive into the deeper, underground side of drum & bass with curated mixes and interviews.

3. “The DNB Show” by Document One

What to Expect: An evolving take on the drum & bass scene, featuring reviews, interviews, and tracks that showcase the genre’s range.

4. “Noisia Radio”

What to Expect: The acclaimed trio, Noisia, curates a weekly dose of drum & bass, exploring sub-genres, underground tracks, and featuring guest mixes.

5. “UKF Podcast”

What to Expect: Known for their YouTube presence, UKF extends into the podcast realm, offering high-energy drum & bass sets.

6. “V Recordings Podcast” by Bryan Gee

What to Expect: Legendary DJ Bryan Gee’s monthly podcast with the freshest Drum & Bass and Jungle tracks, including new releases from V Recordings.

7. “Souped Up Records Podcast”

What to Expect: Focusing on the heavier side of Drum & Bass, with tracks that pump up the energy and feature the genre’s bass-heavy influences.

8. “Sun and Bass Podcast”

What to Expect: Emphasizing the soulful side of Drum & Bass, this podcast provides a relaxing and smooth take on the genre.

9. “Eatbrain Podcast”

What to Expect: Explore the neurofunk sub-genre of Drum & Bass with the Eatbrain label’s hard-hitting mixes and artist interviews.

10. “Fokuz Recordings Podcast”

What to Expect: A diverse selection from liquid to more robust Drum & Bass styles, showcasing talents from the Fokuz Recordings label.

11. “Skankandbass Podcast”

What to Expect: A hub for cutting-edge Drum & Bass, offering exclusive tracks and interviews with upcoming artists.

12. “MethLab Radio”

What to Expect: A deep dive into experimental Drum & Bass with mixes that stretch the boundaries of the genre.

13. “Random Movement Podcast”

What to Expect: Liquid funk and deeper Drum & Bass with carefully selected tracks, blended together for a satisfying listening experience.

14. “Rinse FM – Drum & Bass Show”

What to Expect: The latest in Drum & Bass showcased by a rotation of the genre’s top DJs on London’s Rinse FM.

15. “Bassdrive Radio”

What to Expect: A 24/7 online Drum & Bass radio station offering various shows with a global DJ lineup.

16. “Shogun Audio Podcast”

What to Expect: Exclusive mixes, interviews, and previews from the Shogun Audio label, highlighting the ever-changing face of Drum & Bass.

17. “Delta9 Recordings Podcast”

What to Expect: Specializing in deep and dark Drum & Bass, with artist interviews and carefully curated mixes.

18. “The Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass Podcast”

What to Expect: Showcasing a wide array of Drum & Bass from liquid to techstep, with guest mixes from emerging and established artists.

19. “The Risky Presents Future Sounds & Drum & Bass Arena Podcast”

What to Expect: In-depth explorations, interviews, and track reviews covering all things Drum & Bass.

20. “Monstercat Podcast”

What to Expect: Though not exclusively Drum & Bass, Monstercat features a variety of electronic genres including exciting DnB mixes.


From soulful liquid vibes to the intense energy of neurofunk, these podcasts cover the whole spectrum of Drum & Bass. They provide a comprehensive look into this diverse and ever-evolving genre, making it easy to find something that suits every mood and preference. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to Drum & Bass, these podcasts offer endless opportunities to explore and enjoy.

Ambient & Experimental:

1. “Ambient Atomic Orbitals”

What to Expect: Ethereal soundscapes that transport the listener, blending pure ambient sounds with subtle electronic vibes.

2. “The Silent Ballet”

What to Expect: Dive into a world of experimental music, exploring ambient, neo-classical, post-rock, and more.

3. “Echoes”

What to Expect: A daily dose of ambient, downtempo, and chill music, showcasing established and emerging artists.

4. “Hearts of Space”

What to Expect: Focusing on contemplative soundscapes, expect a calming journey through ambient and space music.

5. “The Ambient Soundbath Podcast”

What to Expect: Designed for meditation and relaxation, this podcast offers calming ambient music to soothe the mind.

6. “Ambient Church Podcast”

What to Expect: Features live recordings from the Ambient Church series, blending immersive ambient sounds with spiritual overtones.

7. “Hypnagogue Podcast”

What to Expect: Showcasing ambient, electronic, new age, and experimental music, this podcast offers a blend of soothing and explorative sounds.

8. “The Quiet Space” by FBi Radio

What to Expect: Australian-based podcast exploring ambient, experimental, and minimalistic music, providing a tranquil listening experience.

9. “Low Light Mixes”

What to Expect: A collection of mixes that dwell in the ambient realm, offering a wide range of sub-genres from drone to chillout.

10. “Ambient Sleeping Pill”

What to Expect: As the name suggests, this podcast is designed for relaxation and sleep, featuring calming, non-intrusive ambient sounds.

11. “Tone Science”

What to Expect: Focuses on the modular synthesis of ambient and experimental electronic music, providing a glimpse into this creative process.

12. “Fluid Radio – Experimental Frequencies”

What to Expect: An exploration of experimental electronics, classical, and folk music, with an emphasis on quality and creativity.

13. “Sleepy Drone Podcast”

What to Expect: Perfect for relaxation, meditation, or sleep, this podcast focuses on long, soothing drone compositions.

14. “Spool’s Out Radio”

What to Expect: Features new and exclusive experimental music, ranging from noise to avant-garde, all from cassette releases.

15. “Sound Propositions”

What to Expect: Combining interviews with experimental artists with a diverse blend of ambient, noise, and abstract sounds.

16. “Sadayatana”

What to Expect: A dark ambient podcast exploring the mysterious and shadowy aspects of ambient music.

17. “A Closer Listen”

What to Expect: An examination of experimental, electronic, and instrumental music, providing in-depth insights and artist features.

18. “Ambient Sound Mixes” by Ambient Mixer

What to Expect: Customizable ambient sounds for relaxation, meditation, or background music.

19. “The Seance Radio Podcast”

What to Expect: A mix of ambient, experimental, and other related genres, promoting new talents and well-known artists.

20. “Journey To The Inner Chamber”

What to Expect: A meditative exploration of ambient and inner world music, designed to guide the listener to introspection.


The Ambient & Experimental genre offers a vast landscape of soundscapes that range from calming and therapeutic to avant-garde and intriguing. These podcasts open doors to various sub-genres, artists, and styles that celebrate the rich tapestry of ambient music. Whether for relaxation, meditation, artistic inspiration, or simply the enjoyment of ambient sounds, these podcasts cater to various needs and interests. They serve as gateways to both the known and the undiscovered realms of ambient and experimental music.

IDM & Electronica:

  1. “Headphone Commute” What to Expect: A mixture of IDM, ambient, and electronic experimentation from established artists and emerging talent.
  2. “The IDM Show” What to Expect: This podcast focuses solely on Intelligent Dance Music, blending complex rhythms and unique textures.
  3. “Solipsistic NATION” What to Expect: Electronica in all its facets, from IDM to downtempo, providing an eclectic listening experience.
  4. “Mantis Radio” What to Expect: A blend of IDM, electronica, and industrial sounds, offering a darker, more intense take on techno.
  1. “IDMf Netlabel” What to Expect: From glitch to downtempo, this podcast showcases various Intelligent Dance Music styles, featuring both established and upcoming artists.
  2. “Electronica Oasis” What to Expect: A perfect mix of ambient electronica and IDM, offering listeners a soothing experience.
  3. “Bleep Podcast” What to Expect: Named after the famous Bleep music store, this podcast features cutting-edge IDM and experimental electronic music.
  4. “SomaFM: Cliqhop” What to Expect: Blending IDM with trip-hop, this podcast offers unique beats and complex textures.
  5. “Resonance: An Ambient Music Podcast” What to Expect: A focus on the ambient side of electronica, providing calming soundscapes blended with subtle electronic vibes.
  6. “Future Astronauts Horizons” What to Expect: This podcast explores both IDM and ambient electronic, taking listeners on an otherworldly journey.
  7. “Ultima Thule Ambient Music” What to Expect: Catering to fans of ambient electronica, this podcast offers a mix of atmospheric soundscapes and textured beats.
  8. “Fluid Radio – Experimental Frequencies” What to Expect: An experimental take on IDM and electronica, featuring artists who push the boundaries of electronic music.
  9. “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” What to Expect: Exploring various facets of Intelligent Dance Music, this podcast combines intricate beats with intellectual appeal.
  10. “Glitch.FM” What to Expect: Focusing on the glitch sub-genre of IDM, this podcast offers a unique listening experience full of complex patterns and broken beats.
  11. “Digital::Nimbus” What to Expect: Catering to IDM enthusiasts, this podcast features interviews with artists, unique mixes, and insights into the Intelligent Dance Music scene.
  12. “The Noise-Below Podcast” What to Expect: A blend of IDM, experimental noise, and electronic chaos, curated to provide an intense listening experience.
  13. “The EDMist Podcast” What to Expect: Despite the name, this podcast dives into the more intellectual side of electronic music, including IDM and experimental sounds.
  14. “Low Light Mixes” What to Expect: An eclectic blend of IDM, ambient, and downtempo, offering a soothing escape from the everyday.
  15. “The Seventh Wave” What to Expect: This podcast explores electronica’s progressive and experimental side, taking listeners on an avant-garde journey through sound.

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