A complete list of electronic music production forums

Electronic music production forums play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community, knowledge sharing, and skill enhancement for aspiring and seasoned producers alike. Engaging with like-minded individuals, getting feedback on your creations, and accessing a wealth of expertise can significantly accelerate your growth in the world of electronic music production. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best and most active electronic music production forums, categorized by specific genres.

Techno forums

Subsekt is a vibrant community focused on all things techno. From production techniques and gear discussions to track feedback and artist interviews, Subsekt provides a supportive platform for techno enthusiasts to share and learn.
Blackout Audio
Blackout Audio is a techno-centric forum that caters to both beginners and experienced producers. Members discuss production tips, share music, and engage in conversations about the techno scene.

While primarily centered around minimal techno, mnml also covers broader aspects of electronic music production. This forum encourages members to explore minimalism in sound design, arrangement, and composition.

IDMforums is a versatile platform that goes beyond just techno, offering discussions on various electronic music genres. It’s a valuable resource for producers seeking feedback, tutorials, and collaborations.

This subreddit serves as an excellent gateway to techno production discussions on Reddit. Members share their work, seek advice, and exchange insights related to the techno genre.

Drum n Bass forums

These forums focus on learning how to produce Drum N Bass:


DrumnBass.be is a dedicated forum for drum and bass enthusiasts. It provides a space for producers to discuss production techniques, share tracks, and participate in remix competitions.
DOA:Dogs on Acid

While not solely focused on production, DOA is a renowned forum for drum and bass aficionados. It covers various aspects of the genre, including production tips and industry news.

This subreddit caters to drum and bass production enthusiasts on Reddit. It’s a valuable platform for sharing insights, asking questions, and getting feedback on your tracks.

Breakbeat forums

These forums focus on learning how to produce Breakbeat:


Nuskoolbreaks is a community centered around breakbeat and electronic music production. Members can explore production techniques, share tracks, and engage in discussions about breakbeat culture.

The Breakbeat forum provides a space for producers interested in breakbeat and related genres. It’s a place to learn, collaborate, and showcase your work within the breakbeat community.

General forums

Here is a list of forums that doesn’t focus on a specific subgenre:


Gearslutz is a comprehensive forum that covers various aspects of music production, including equipment, software, techniques, and industry trends. It’s an ideal platform for connecting with professionals and enthusiasts across different genres.

Soundpunk is a community-driven forum that discusses music production, sound design, and studio setups. It’s a hub for both beginners and experienced producers looking to expand their knowledge.

Dancetech is a forum dedicated to electronic music production, DJing, and live performance. It’s a valuable resource for those seeking advice on gear, software, and production techniques.

Emportal focuses on electronic music, synthesizers, and ambient soundscapes. It’s a platform where producers can discuss synthesis, share music, and explore sonic landscapes.
KVR Audio

KVR Audio is a massive community that covers all aspects of music production, including software, plugins, sound design, and composition. It’s an invaluable resource for discovering new tools and techniques.
We Are The Music Makers

WATMM is a diverse forum that encompasses electronic music production, composition, and creative discussions. It’s an excellent place to collaborate, seek feedback, and connect with fellow music makers.

Futureproducers is dedicated to aspiring music producers looking to improve their skills. It covers a wide range of genres and provides valuable insights into production techniques and industry trends.

In conclusion, electronic music production forums offer a wealth of knowledge and connections for producers of all skill levels. Whether you’re into techno, drum and bass, breakbeat, or other electronic music genres, these forums provide a supportive environment to share, learn, and grow within the vibrant electronic music community. By engaging with these platforms, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your techniques, receive constructive feedback, and forge connections that can propel your music production journey forward.

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