The convenience of having a powerful synthesizer right at your fingertips – on devices you carry every day – cannot be overstated. As we move into 2024, the range of available apps has grown both in scope and sophistication. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the 13 best synthesizer apps for iOS and Android, highlighting their unique features and how they stand out in the digital music production arena.

Moog Model D

The Moog Model D app is a faithful recreation of the iconic hardware synthesizer, renowned for its rich, analog sound. Available on iOS, this app delivers the classic Moog tones, complete with a meticulously modeled user interface that mirrors the original’s tactile controls.

Features include an integrated arpeggiator, real-time looping recorder, and an expansive library of presets. The Model D app excels in producing warm basses, sharp leads, and lush pads, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of vintage sounds.

KORG iKaossilator

The KORG iKaossilator leverages the unique X-Y touchpad interface of the original hardware, providing an intuitive and expressive approach to sound creation. Available on both iOS and Android, this app is suitable for musicians of all skill levels.

It features 150 built-in sounds, scale and key settings to prevent wrong notes, and a loop sequencer for layering rhythms and melodies. The iKaossilator stands out for its ease of use and is perfect for on-the-go creation.

Arturia iMini

Arturia’s iMini brings the legendary Minimoog sound to iOS devices. This app is notable for its authentic sound reproduction, leveraging Arturia’s advanced modeling technology. The iMini includes features such as polyphony, an integrated effects section, and extensive preset libraries. The interface is designed for easy navigation, making it straightforward to tweak sounds or dive deep into sound design.

Animoog Z

Animoog Z for iOS is Moog Music’s next-generation synthesizer, building upon the success of the original Animoog. This app combines Moog’s iconic sound with new waveforms and expansive modulation options, resulting in a highly versatile synthesizer.

The app utilizes Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), which allows users to dynamically move through an X/Y/Z space of unique timbres. This, coupled with the app’s intuitive interface, makes Animoog Z a powerhouse for creating and manipulating sounds.

Sunrizer Synth

Sunrizer Synth, available on iOS, is recognized for its superb emulation of analog hardware. The app features SuperSaw sound emulation, a powerful modulation matrix, and a built-in arpeggiator with a step sequencer. Its interface is clear and user-friendly, offering immediate access to an array of filters, effects, and oscillators. Sunrizer excels in creating atmospheric pads, sharp leads, and deep basses.

Thor Polysonic Synthesizer

Brought to you by Propellerhead, the Thor app for iOS is a polysonic powerhouse that offers an unprecedented level of sonic flexibility. It incorporates six different oscillator types and four unique filters, alongside an elaborate modulation matrix. Thor stands out for its versatility, capable of generating everything from classic analog sounds to complex rhythmic sequences.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer

G-Stomper VA-Beast is a polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer app that aims to offer a complete production suite on Android devices. It boasts a wide range of synthesis techniques, a robust sequencer, and a vast library of sounds. The VA-Beast Synthesizer is designed for both beginners and seasoned producers, with features that cater to a broad spectrum of musical genres and production styles.

AudioKit Synth One

AudioKit Synth One is a professional, open-source synthesizer app available for iOS. It’s packed with over 300 presets and an array of synthesis capabilities, including FM, AM, and Subtractive synthesis. The interface is intuitive, making it accessible for beginners, while still offering depth for more experienced users. Additionally, being open-source, it allows for community-driven updates and enhancements.

AUM – Audio Mixer

While not a synthesizer in the traditional sense, AUM – Audio Mixer (iOS) is an essential tool for integrating various synth apps and external hardware into a unified setup. It supports inter-app audio and Audiobus, allowing you to route audio between apps seamlessly. AUM is pivotal for producers looking to blend multiple sound sources and effects within a mobile production environment.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 stands out as a music creation tool that brings a rack-mount synthesizer and sampler experience to iOS and Android devices. It features multiple synthesis methods, including subtractive, FM, and physical modeling. The

app is designed with a modular approach, allowing users to mix and match up to 14 machines to create their setup. Each machine has its own sequencer and effects, making Caustic 3 a comprehensive mobile production studio suitable for a wide variety of music genres.


Nave by Waldorf brings the cutting-edge sounds of wavetable synthesis to iOS devices. It offers a wide range of wave-shaping tools and a sophisticated modulation matrix, making it possible to craft highly detailed and dynamic sounds.

The app features a unique 3D wavetable editing view, speech synthesis, and an array of onboard effects. Nave stands out for its sonic versatility and depth, appealing to sound designers and producers looking to push the boundaries of mobile music production.

SynthMaster One

SynthMaster One by KV331 Audio is available for iOS and is known for its powerful wavetable synthesis engine. Despite its complex capabilities, the app maintains an intuitive workflow, making it accessible for users at any skill level.

SynthMaster One boasts a vast preset library, dual oscillators, a comprehensive modulation system, and an arpeggiator, allowing users to create a broad spectrum of sounds from lush pads to aggressive leads.


Poison-202, designed by Dmitrij Pavlov, revives the spirit of vintage digital synthesizers in a modern iOS app. It excels in producing classic sounds reminiscent of the 80s and 90s electronic music, with 12-voice polyphony, two oscillators, and a range of built-in effects. The app’s layout is straightforward, offering quick access to all parameters for fast and efficient sound design. Poison-202 is particularly favored for its basses and leads, perfect for techno, trance, and retro music styles.

Cube Synth

Cube Synth by VirSyn is a powerful spectral morphing synthesizer available for iOS. It stands out with its four-dimensional morphing system and an extensive set of sound sculpting tools. Users can explore a vast sound spectrum, from organic acoustic instruments to otherworldly textures. Cube Synth’s interface facilitates deep modulation and editing capabilities, making it ideal for ambient music, soundtracks, and experimental sound design.

Wrapping Up

The landscape of synthesizer apps in 2024 presents an inspiring array of tools for musicians, whether you’re crafting beats on the go or designing sounds in a studio setting. Each app on this list brings something unique to the table, from the warm analog emulations of Moog Model D and Arturia iMini to the innovative wavetable synthesis found in Nave and SynthMaster One.

As mobile devices continue to evolve, so too does the potential for these apps to replace or complement traditional hardware setups. By choosing the right app for your music production needs, you unlock a world of creative possibilities, blending convenience with powerful sound design capabilities.

Remember, the best synthesizer is the one that resonates with you and inspires your creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, experimenting with different apps will help you find your unique sound. Dive into these synthesizer apps, explore their vast sonic landscapes, and let your musical journey in 2024 be as boundless as your imagination.

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