Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis, a method renowned for its intricate and rich textures, has significantly shaped the landscape of modern music. This technique, leveraging the frequency of one sound to modulate another, offers unparalleled depth and complexity in sound crafting.

Numerous FM synthesis VST plugins stand out for their innovation, quality, and versatility. Here are the nine best FM synthesis VSTs, catering to the diverse needs of musicians and sound designers in search of distinctive sonic landscapes.

Native Instruments FM8

The Evolutionary Sound Sculptor

FM8 by Native Instruments is often hailed as the gold standard in FM synthesis. Building on the legacy of the classic DX7, FM8 presents an intuitive user interface alongside a comprehensive set of parameters for deep sound exploration. Its powerful sound engine delivers crystalline highs, thunderous lows, and all the nuanced dynamics in between. With over 960 presets and an advanced arpeggiator, FM8 serves both beginners and seasoned professionals looking to dive deep into the intricacies of FM synthesis.

Arturia DX7 V

The Iconic Digital Reborn

Arturia’s DX7 V brings the quintessential FM synthesizer into the modern age, offering an authentic recreation of its vintage counterpart with contemporary enhancements. It expands on the original’s design, introducing new modulation matrices, a second LFO, and built-in effects, enabling broader sound design possibilities while maintaining the characteristic timbres that made the original famous. The DX7 V is a bridge between vintage digital charm and contemporary versatility.


The Faithful Tribute

Dexed stands out not only for its faithful emulation of the Yamaha DX7 but also for its status as a free, open-source plugin. This VST offers an almost identical experience to using the original hardware, providing an accessible entry point into FM synthesis for those on a budget. Despite its lack of a price tag, Dexed does not skimp on features, supporting all the original DX7 parameters plus additional enhancements for modern workflows.

Korg Opsix

The Altered FM Workhorse

The Korg Opsix represents a reimagined approach to FM synthesis, termed “altered FM.” It breaks traditional boundaries by introducing new operator modes, expanded waveforms, and intuitive graphic editing. The Opsix plugin is not just a sound generator; it’s a comprehensive laboratory for sonic experimentation, appealing to those seeking to push FM synthesis beyond conventional limits.

UVI Falcon

The Hybrid Instrument Powerhouse

While UVI Falcon is not exclusively an FM synthesizer, its robust FM module is noteworthy. Falcon provides a hybrid instrument platform combining sampling, synthesis, and modulation in a unified environment. Its FM capabilities are deep and integrated seamlessly with other synthesis types, allowing for hybrid approaches and expansive sonic exploration.

Plogue Chipsynth FM

The Retro Digital Maestro

Plogue’s Chipsynth FM delves into the nostalgia of 1980s FM sound chips, specifically tailored for recreating the sounds of vintage video games and digital synths. This plugin excels in producing authentic chiptune and retro digital tones, offering precise control over FM parameters and a library of nostalgic presets. Chipsynth FM is perfect for composers looking to capture the essence of 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

Togu Audio Line TAL-Mod

The Versatile Synth Architect

TAL-Mod, by Togu Audio Line, might not be a dedicated FM synthesizer, but its inclusion of FM capabilities within a modular architecture makes it a standout. This plugin allows for extensive experimentation, combining FM with analog-style synthesis and a host of modulation options. TAL-Mod caters to sound designers seeking a versatile tool that bridges different synthesis techniques.

AudioKit FM Player 2

The Classic Sounds Revivalist

FM Player 2, developed by AudioKit, brings the iconic sounds of vintage FM synthesizers to iOS devices. While not a traditional VST, its inclusion is essential for mobile music producers. It offers multi-sampled presets from classic FM keyboards, integrated effects, and AUv3 compatibility, making it a fantastic option for on-the-go FM synthesis.

NI Rounds

The Sequential Sound Explorer

Rounds by Native Instruments combines FM and analog synthesis in a unique interface designed for sequencing and sound evolution. With its advanced voice programming capabilities, Rounds excels in creating moving, evolving textures and sequences. This VST is geared towards producers and composers looking to infuse their tracks with dynamic, morphing sounds that evolve over time.


The landscape of FM synthesis VSTs in 2024 showcases an impressive blend of historical homage and forward-thinking innovation. From the detailed emulations of classic hardware to novel approaches that expand the very definition of FM synthesis, these plugins offer tools for nearly every sound design need. Whether you’re crafting intricate

ambient soundscapes, razor-sharp electronic beats, or lush, evolving pads, the depth and versatility of FM synthesis can unlock new creative potentials.

As you explore these FM synthesis VSTs, remember that each has its unique character and strengths. Tools like Native Instruments FM8 offer a comprehensive and modern approach to FM synthesis, making them suitable for a wide range of music genres. Meanwhile, Arturia’s DX7 V and Dexed cater to those seeking the nostalgic tones of the 80s while providing new avenues for exploration.

The inclusion of hybrid instruments like UVI Falcon and Togu Audio Line TAL-Mod in this list emphasizes the evolving nature of FM synthesis, blending it with other sound generation methods to create something entirely new. This hybrid approach can lead to unexpected and inspiring results, pushing the boundaries of conventional sound design.

For those interested in the chiptune or retro digital aesthetic, Plogue Chipsynth FM offers a dive into the sounds that defined an era of video game music, providing an authentic experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

On the more experimental side, Korg Opsix and NI Rounds offer unique takes on FM synthesis, encouraging users to experiment with sound in new and innovative ways. These tools are particularly appealing to sound designers and experimental composers looking to push the envelope and explore uncharted sonic territories.

When choosing the right FM synthesis VST for your needs, consider not only the sound possibilities but also the interface and workflow. A tool that inspires and feels intuitive to use can significantly enhance your creative process.

Ultimately, the best FM synthesis VST is the one that resonates with your personal sound design goals and musical style. By taking advantage of the trial versions often available, you can explore the nuances of each VST and find the perfect match for your sonic explorations.

In conclusion, the world of FM synthesis VSTs offers a rich tapestry of sound for producers and sound designers. By harnessing the power of these tools, you open up a universe of sonic possibilities waiting to be explored. Whether you are recreating classic tones or venturing into unexplored sonic landscapes, FM synthesis can elevate your music to new heights.

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