In the realm of music production, synthesizers play a pivotal role, shaping the soundscapes of countless genres. Among them, virtual analog synthesizers have gained immense popularity for their blend of classic analog warmth with digital convenience. Here, we dive into the best virtual analog synthesizers, starting from the industry favorites and moving to lesser-known treasures.

The Titans of Virtual Analog Synthesis

1. Xfer Records Serum

Serum, by Xfer Records, stands out as a monolith in the virtual synthesizer world. Renowned for its crystal-clear sound, versatile modulation options, and user-friendly interface, Serum provides musicians and producers with an extensive toolkit for sound design. It’s celebrated for its wavetable synthesis, which allows users to create and manipulate waveforms in real time, offering unparalleled flexibility.

2. Arturia Pigments

Arturia’s Pigments synthesizer is a testament to the fusion of analog warmth and digital flexibility. Pigments offer a colorful, intuitive user interface that makes sound design an explorative and enjoyable process. Its dual synthesis engine combines virtual analog and wavetable synthesis, enhanced by a powerful modulation system. This, coupled with its innovative features like the Polyphonic Sequencer and Randomizers, makes Pigments a favorite among modern producers.

3. LennarDigital Sylenth1

A classic that has stood the test of time, Sylenth1 by LennarDigital is famed for its rich, analog-like sound. Despite its relatively simple interface, Sylenth1 hosts a deep and complex architecture under the hood, making it a favorite for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Its efficiency and low CPU usage make it particularly appealing for live performance and studio use.

The Rising Stars

4. u-he Diva

Diva, by u-he, is a synth that captures the true spirit of various analog synthesizers, delivering authentic, vintage sound with modern precision. Diva is known for its high-quality oscillators, filters, and effects, which model the components of classic synthesizers. The level of detail in Diva’s emulation makes it a go-to for those seeking the warmth of analog with the clarity and flexibility of digital.


Togu Audio Line’s TAL-U-NO-LX is a faithful emulation of the iconic Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. It provides the classic Juno sound with a modern twist, featuring an enhanced user interface and additional features not found on the original hardware. With its straightforward design, TAL-U-NO-LX is perfect for creating lush pads, punchy basslines, and soaring leads, making it a hit among retro synth enthusiasts.

The Unsung Heroes

6. Spire by Reveal Sound

Spire has quietly become a staple in many producers’ arsenals, known for its deep, powerful sound and flexible architecture. It combines several synthesis types, including wavetable, FM, and subtractive, allowing for a vast range of sounds. Its user-friendly layout and rich sound design capabilities make it a powerful instrument for any genre.

7. Synapse Audio DUNE 3

DUNE 3, by Synapse Audio, is often lauded for its massive unison capabilities, which enable lush, expansive sounds. Its hybrid architecture combines the best elements of wavetable, FM, and analog-style synthesis, supported by a vast modulation matrix and a comprehensive effects section. DUNE 3’s sound is characterized by its clarity, punch, and depth, making it a versatile tool in any sound designer’s collection.

Niche Wonders

8. Madrona Labs Aalto

Aalto, by Madrona Labs, is a semi-modular synthesizer with a unique approach to sound generation and modulation. Inspired by West Coast synthesis philosophy, Aalto encourages experimental sound design through its complex modulation capabilities and distinctive oscillator and filter designs. Its minimalistic interface belies a deep and exploratory experience, perfect for those looking to step off the beaten path.

9. Phonec 2 by Psychic Modulation

Phonec 2 is known for its ability to capture the lo-fi and ethereal qualities reminiscent of VHS-era soundtracks. It excels in creating ambient textures, phat analog bass, and shimmering pads, thanks to its unique Melt feature, which introduces a sense of analog instability and drift. Phonec 2 is a go-to for composers and producers looking to infuse their tracks with a nostalgic, cinematic quality.

10. Omnisphere by Spectrasonics

While not strictly a virtual analog synthesizer, Omnisphere deserves mention for its extensive sound library, which includes a vast array of analog synth samples and unique sound sources. Its powerful synthesis engine, combined with its vast array of effects, modulation options, and sound-shaping tools, makes it

an indispensable powerhouse in music production. Omnisphere’s ability to blend sampled content with synthesis allows for extraordinary soundscapes that are both rich and diverse, making it a favorite among film composers and electronic musicians alike.

Specialty Standouts

11. Kilohearts Phase Plant

Phase Plant by Kilohearts takes a modular approach to synthesis, allowing users to build their own synthesizers within its environment. This sandbox-style creativity combined with its user-friendly interface makes it a unique tool in the realm of virtual synthesizers. Whether it’s analog-style sounds or futuristic textures, Phase Plant’s versatility and depth can cater to almost any sound design need.

12. Rob Papen Predator 3

Predator by Rob Papen is a synth that has evolved significantly over the years, with its third iteration further refining its capabilities. Known for its powerful presets and intuitive layout, Predator 3 maintains its reputation as a go-to for quick, high-quality sounds ranging from aggressive basses to delicate pads. Its blend of ease of use with deep editing options ensures it remains popular among producers of all levels.

13. Softube Modular

For those who crave the real modular synthesis experience but in a digital format, Softube’s Modular offers an authentic, in-depth approach. It mimics Eurorack-style modular synthesis, allowing users to patch together components as they would in the physical world. While it has a steeper learning curve, the rewards are immense, with endless possibilities for sound creation and experimentation.

Honorable Mentions

14. KV331 Audio SynthMaster

SynthMaster is a jack-of-all-trades in the world of virtual synthesizers. Its multi-engine architecture includes virtual analog, wavetable, additive, and FM synthesis. This, combined with a vast array of effects and modulations, makes SynthMaster a versatile tool suitable for a wide variety of music genres.

15. Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio offers another approach to virtual modular synthesis. Its clean interface and affordable pricing make modular synthesis accessible to a broader audience. With a continually expanding library of modules and a supportive community, Voltage Modular is a great entry point for those interested in modular synthesis.


The world of virtual analog synthesizers is vast and varied, offering tools for every type of music producer, from the beginner to the seasoned professional. Whether you seek the raw power of Serum, the classic emulation of TAL-U-NO-LX, the modular depths of Softube, or the cinematic breadth of Omnisphere, there is a virtual synthesizer out there to meet your needs.

Exploration is key in finding the right synthesizer for your music. Each of these instruments has its own character and specialties, and part of the joy is in discovering how they can inspire and transform your music. Whether your aim is to recreate nostalgic sounds from the past or to forge new sonic territories, the journey through the landscape of virtual analog synthesizers is sure to be a rewarding one.

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